Revenge: 2x19 Identity

You of all people should know that the only existence that matters is online.

Because who doesn’t need Emily with a puppy-toy on their dash?

Gemma asks: Is there a chance for Nolan to have a one-sided crush on Emily, is that a possibility you might like to explore in the future?

Ted: Doesn’t he already have a one-sided crush on Emily??

” —’s Q&A with Ted Sullivan [x]

HE JUST CONFIRMED THAT A ONE-SIDED ROMANCE ON NOLAN’S PART IS CANON. Like apparently all Gabe’s pushing for years succeeded because the writers literally AGREE with the fact that Nolan’s had a crush on Emily all this time?? MY SHIP IS REAL I DON’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS

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favorite revenge episodes: penance

Twenty years ago, a book I wrote about your first husband depicted him as a calculating villain when in fact, he was an  i n n o c e n t  man whose only crime was to run afoul of some very powerful, very malignant people.